Noblesse Episode 9 Review

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Raizel, Frank, Regis, and Seria sensed the presence of the powerful man when they are in the school. Woo and Han told them that they have to go and Regis told them that they will follow later. Meanwhile, at the gate M-12 confronts the man wearing a school uniform like Raizel M-12 told the man that he has to enter the school premises after showing them his identification. The guy’s body started to flow with lighting powers asking M-12, Takeo, and Tao why do they have to be here.

Suddenly Regis and Seria appear and Regis said that it is a privilege to see you again, Clan Leader. He that while bowing in front of the powerful guy. The Clan Leader asks Regis to explain why the trio is here and they are not supposed to be here. When Regis, tries to explain the Clan Leader asks him if he has forgotten about his pride as a noble. Frank shows up behind the Clan Leader. He then reveals the name of the Clan Leader that he is Gejutel K. Landegre.